A New Paradigm

A new conversation about Gender using an ancient methodology.

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Why Gender ?

Gender is still widely misunderstood. It is often mistaken for sex (biology). Gender is also falsely connected to sexual preference. Being a gay man or lesbian has nothing to do with one's masculinity or femininity, yet a more feminine man is perceived as gay, and if he is not, he is considered by all to be “in the closet”. Masculine women are still automatically thought of as lesbians. There is little freedom to be a "softer" man or a "stronger" woman.

What Is The I-Ching ?

The Book of Changes is one of the most ancient books in the world's history. The book is based on the premise that the only constant in the universe is change.
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How It Works

In this project, the concept of gender is looked at through the eyes of the I-Ching system. Although the I-Ching is a binary system, the possible combinations within the system are infinite. Binary is understood here as it is in computer programming. Endless combinations of Yin and Yang (0's and 1's) create a language that is ever-changing, yet very defined and visually apparent.
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Here are some samples hexagrams from everyday people.