Gender Wars

By | November 9th, 2016|Blog|

Your Hexagram and You If you made your own hexagram (Discover it here), you might have spent a minute contemplating your result. One of my intentions was to question what it is we see as masculine or feminine and where in our body or behavior we can "find it." Also, I wanted to draw attention to the judgment you may have about having a line that represents, maybe something other than what you saw for yourself. Gender and Sexism Our society's ideas about gender are on display everywhere. We see it on billboards, commercials and in everyday exchanges in the media or on the streets. More so these days with the elections nearing. This is the first time in history, America has a female candidate running for the presidency. In a STARK contrast, the candidate running opposite her, is arguably the [...]

Relativity of Gender

By | September 30th, 2016|Blog|

Duality Each concept creates two opposites. These opposites are always co-dependent, which means that without one the other cannot exist. This idea becomes clear when we speak of day and night as two opposites that interplay throughout the course of 24 hours. Without night time we won't be able to grasp what day is. There would only be one unchanging state. Our brain understands concepts only through comparison. We can't understand height without seeing something tall next to something short. Each and every general concept creates two opposites through which we can grasp the idea of that concept. These opposites are always codependent and are bound to shift from one to the other in an endless cycle of change. Relativity Opposites are relative. If I was the only resident of an isolated island, I won't know if I'm tall, short, smart, [...]

Why not “Spectrum”

By | September 16th, 2016|Blog|

Is this a boy or a girl?   I hear this question all the time. I’ve heard it as early as I can remember. I’ve heard it as a child, as an adolescent, and I still hear it today as an adult. Most people don’t spend their life giving gender more then two seconds of thought – and these two seconds are most likely when they fill out a government form. I think about gender all the time. When I need to enter a public bathroom, a dressing room, fill-up a form, talk about myself to others. Am I a boy or a girl? We live in a society that defines us. It gives us two categories to choose from. Pink or blue, Yin or Yang, Adam or Eve – choose one and stick to it. Although many acknowledged long ago [...]

Infinite Possibilities

By | September 12th, 2016|Blog|

Most people don't like to use the term binary when it comes to gender. Really, only two possibilities? Isn't this exactly what we need to change?? So, Here come I and present the epitome of binary: the Yin and Yang symbol. You need to think about Yin and Yang more like 1 and 0 in programing. Computer language is based solely on 1 and 0 (or off and on), yet - you never heard any programer complain that they can't program because they are limited.... This system works the same way. Not only the trigram and hexagrams give you 64 possible combinations, but also each line by itself is a movement between yin and yang and has its own possible 64 combinations. Each line within the trigram can be broken down to create its own trigram. For example - the bottom [...]

Self Definition

By | September 11th, 2016|Blog|

I identify as an Intergender. Intergender. Yes, I know. It's not currently a word. But here is why it fits me the most. The word "Trans" means movement from one place or one state to another. Eventually, some people actually arrive at their destination. A person may start their lives in a state of female and go through transition to become a male. They take steps to change whatever they need to change in order for them to feel more in-line with the way they see themselves. But once these steps are over - they are done transitioning. They become either a man or a woman. I took the steps I needed to alter my physical appearance, but once I was done with those alterations, I realized I'm neither a man nor am I a woman. I'm in-between. Biologically, a person that is born [...]