About This Project

This work developed from the need to create language.
Transgender people are more visible as the world attempts to understand sexuality and gender. There is much to explain since the current conversation is still dominated by two options: female or male.
Growing up, I knew I was different. I felt different. I constantly heard people around me asking “is this a boy or a girl?” As a child – I was confused. I didn’t know.
I did not strongly state “I AM A BOY!”  but I also didn’t feel like a girl.
The English language gives us two pronouns – He and She. Neither of them feel completely “right.”
When addressed by either, I feel like someone is calling me by the wrong name.  There’s no pronoun for people like me who fall somewhere “in-between.”
The term Spectrum is now used to illustrate that there are more variations than just “man” and “woman”  – but it falls short as it does not map or name any variation, leaving many people without a sense of definition, without a name.
Without a name – I am invisible.
This project attempts to give all variations the visibility they deserve.

The Book of Changes (I-ching)

The system used in this project is based on the ancient model of the I-ching, or the Book of Changes.
Change is the only constant in this universe, according to the I-ching.  Every phenomenon or concept, relationship or situation can be understood and learned and even predicted through the understanding of this model.
Since Gender is a concept it changes all the time. Our gender changes and can be studied.
This project looks at gender and biology in a way that was never done before. It takes an old concept and applying it to the modern conversation about gender.

About Cody Dodo

Cody studied classical acupuncture from Daoist Master and teacher Dr. Jeffrey Yuen. While completing his Master’s program in Acupuncture, Cody began his gender exploration and transition. Chinese Medicine was instrumental in his choice to transition, as well as to his physical recovery. He combines his knowledge of Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy, by applying them to his experience living in-between genders.  He is committed to the expansion of Gender understanding, and the inclusion of ALL genders into language, fashion and daily life.

He teaches Chinese Medicine as well as the “Code of Gender” in the US and internationally. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, and has a practice in New York City.