I identify as an Intergender.

Intergender. Yes, I know. It’s not currently a word. But here is why it fits me the most.

The word “Trans” means movement from one place or one state to another. Eventually, some people actually arrive at their destination. A person may start their lives in a state of female and go through transition to become a male. They take steps to change whatever they need to change in order for them to feel more in-line with the way they see themselves. But once these steps are over – they are done transitioning. They become either a man or a woman.

I took the steps I needed to alter my physical appearance, but once I was done with those alterations, I realized I’m neither a man nor am I a woman. I’m in-between.

Biologically, a person that is born between two sexes and has mix sexual make-up is called intersex person. They are not “trans.” Their biology is between a female and a male.  I feel the same – just in gender.

When someone addresses me in female pronoun it sound wrong to me. It’s like someone calling me by the wrong name – it’s just not me. But when my friends started addressing me in male pronouns I realized that although it sounds more accurate – it is still not exactly right.  Society expects me to choose between two ideas that are not me. I’m in-between.  I’m not going anywhere, i’m done transitioning.

I’m Intergender.